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Growing Vegetables In A Terrace Garden

growing vegetables in a terrace garden

Look at this picture and be amazed at the work involved to create a terrace garden on this mountainside.

There are many parts of the world where gardening is difficult, and if you are growing vegetables in a terrace garden then it cannot get much more difficult than the situation in the picture before you! It simply staggers the mind to see the lengths that people have had to go to in order to grow food and be self sufficient, as is the case of the monastery that operates this work of genius.

How many people plunged to their deaths in the construction of this terrace garden – one can only but wonder. One thing it does however is to put into perspective the problems I face with my sloping garden – the worst thing that could happen to me is that I might spill my coffee cup if I lay it down!

The fact is that it emphasises just how long people have been using terraces to grow vegetables, all over the populated world. If there are people living on mountainsides, then there are constructions such as these. They were not built because they looked pretty. They were built out of the necessity to eat and provide food out of a hostile environment; something that most of us in the western world are not really that familiar with – unless you consider that trip down to Tesco’s I had last week…

The lesson here is that if you have a sloping ground area, and think you cannot have a vegetable plot or even a flower garden – think again. By using a system of timber or stone walls you too can level off small areas in a stepped pattern and create a growing area where there was none before.

You can in fact use this system in conjunction with a raised bed gardening system to great effectiveness, and produce a whole range of tasty home-grown vegetables. Look at this picture again – now tell me you cannot grow veg because your garden is not level !


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