Square Foot Gardening Planner

If you are familiar with the concept of square foot gardening – also called ‘Grid Gardening’, then the idea of a square foot garden planner and journal may make perfect sense to you.

However not everyone is familiar with the SFG method of gardening – or indeed the concept behind it. To explain….

So what is Square Foot Gardening?

This is basically a method for growing vegetables in a very limited space measuring 4 foot by 4 foot square. This is then sectioned off into 16 – 12” squares in all – which is where we get the name ‘Square Foot Garden’.

The main purpose behind this, is that by using this method you are able to feed a small family through the growing season!

This is achieved in 2 ways. The first is that the ‘soil’ within a SFG is in fact a mix of compost, vermiculite, and quality topsoil in more-or-less equal measures.

square foot garden journal and planner
A simple grid of 12 inch squares makes up the SFG

This creates the perfect growing environment for most vegetables, where nitrogen content and good drainage are essential qualities for good vegetable growth.

The second ‘driving force’ behind the SFG is that of plant rotation. Growing in a small area like this, has to involve a full-on intensive planting regime if it is going to work properly.

This means as each crop is harvested, another is taking up its place in the square. This in turn means choosing the proper vegetables to follow the previous occupant.

This does involve an element of companion planting, as well as a good record of your rotation of plants if it is to be successful.

Of course there is a LOT more to be said about Square Foot gardening methods (see this post) but that is the basics behind it – and indeed why a good Square Foot garden journal or planner is a handy tool to record your vegetable growing efforts.

Square Foot Garden planting guide

This is basically a journal or guide that will help you to record and keep tracks of what exactly you are doing within each square of the SFG area.

Some elements that a good SFG planting journal should include would be…

  • A SFG grid template, numbered so you can record the numbers of plants you are growing in each square.
  • A chart that shows the recommended number of veggies to a square, as well as the time to harvest for each vegetable.
  • A choice of soil mixes for the SFG that may give the best results.
  • A sheet for recording details of planting including plant name, date, seed or transplant, weather conditions and water requirements.
  • The journal has plenty of space included for note regarding results and other important details you wish to record.
  • 22 – 2 page spreads with templates for your records, plus corresponding note pages for other records or events planning.
square foot gardening planner
The square foot garden planner is laid out in a full spread image like the image above

Now, although this is all about using a 4 x 4 framework that makes up the SFG method, this concept of 12 inch square can also be used successfully in any Raised Bed garden.

In fact is can be used in a traditional row vegetable garden, just by placing a grid network over your existing area. True, it may not have the special infill mix that you use in the Raised Bed systems, but it is still a way to be more organised in the veggie garden overall.

The really great news is that this Square Foot Garden journal and planner is now available through Amazon Here!Opens in a new tab.

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