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Hugelkultur (pronounced “hoogel-kool-toor) gardening is the perfect gardening technique for many folks who have the desire to grow their own food and take another step towards self-suffiency – at least where food production is concerned.

First concieved in the Black Forest area of Germany, the Hugelbed was developed out of a need to grow vegetablesOpens in a new tab. in an area that lacked space, but had an abundance of old fallen timbers and general tree moult.

It has since been adopted and adapted by many countries as the benefits of this technique become obvious to permaculture enthusiasts, living off-grid, organic vegetable growersOpens in a new tab., and indeed anyone who gets excited about growing their own food!

*UPDATE: Listen while you go – Hugelkulter 11 AudiobookOpens in a new tab.

Of the many ways to grow your own food, Hugelkultur gardening is perhaps the only way that produces a self-irrigating planting area that is capable of growing vegetables even when space is limited and the ground conditions may be poor.

Some Benefits Of A Hugelkultur

  • Perfect way to recycle old timbers
  • Easy to construct
  • Almost completely Self irrigating when established
  • Long lasting – can be productive for over ten years
  • Easier to maintain as less stooping or bending over
  • Does not compact like a traditional growing area
  • Excellent talking point with the neighbours friends & family!

What’s In This Hugelkultur Planting Guide or Tutorial

  • An introduction to the Hugelkultur concept. Where it originated. How it works exactly. And how it can benefit you!
  • Complete instructions on how to build your own Hugelbed including…
  • What timbers to use and what to avoid to get the best out of your efforts.
  • Where to locate your hugelbed for best results.
  • Filling in the mound and the preparing for planting
  • Caring for your Hugelkultur over the long term
  • Alternative construction methods utilising the popular Raised Bed system

Time To Be More Self-Sufficient

In this present age of uncertainty surrounding pandemic and other issues that will not just go away. I believe that everyone should be concerned enough about the future to plan ahead for the ‘evil day’ when the world changes and food may not be as readily available in the store.

The knowledge and ability to feed yourself and your family, may well become the most valuable asset that anyone can own – you cannot eat precious metals or stones or even artwork 🙂

This Hugelkultur Guidebook presents an invaluable niche gardening techniqueOpens in a new tab. that offers up another way to be self-sufficient in the food growing department, and I have no doubt will be a precious tutorial and addition to any food growers library.



Owing to the demand for more details on how to grow vegetables in limited spaces that would suit Urban gardeners with little or no experience of growing their own food, we have put together this exciting ALL-IN-ONE package that covers 7 of the most popular techniques.

Listed below are the 7 ways that anyone can use to grow their own food and take that step towards self-suffiency – and they are all included in this 1 publication!

Seven gardening techniques in one comprehensive book
  • HUGELKULTUR: This we know about already and it remains the ‘Star’ of the show taking first place in the new book.
  • Raised Bed Gardening: Perhaps the most popular of all the gardening techniques, and rightly so as it is one of the simplest to set up and operate – and gets excellent results no matter what the native soil conditions.
  • Keyhole Gardening: This is a totally new concept to many folks, and can be a real talking point amongst the friends and family! Originally concieved by the charity and now a feature through Africa. This amaing technique for growing veggies has been taken up and used Globally to counter adverse climate and soil conditions.
  • Square Foot Gardening: Is another form of Raised bed garden, and is extremely effective. Starting with a tiny space only 4 foot square sectioned into 16 squares, this tiny area can produce a record amount of vegetables throughout the growing season.
  • Lasagna gardeningOpens in a new tab. or ‘layer composting’ method is an excellent way to grow vegetables using just vegetable cuttings from the kitchen and sheets of old cardboard! This is an amazing self-feeding technique that needs little management and yet produces great results.
  • Hot Bed Gardening was originally developed by the Parisians in the late 19c and enabled them to bring vegetables to the market a full month before anyone else – and keep on bringing them at least 1 month after everyone else had stopped. How did they do this? Find out all about this method – and how you also can get great results as well as add at least another 2 months to your growing season!
  • Container Gardens remain very popular and indeed many people already use this technique on a small scale, perhaps growing a tomato plant on the window ledge of their apartment! Find out how you can maximise your returns with your own ‘pimped up’ container garden.

So there we have it. If you are serious about becoming a bit more self-sufficient, or maybe perhaps just want the pleasure of growing and picking your own fresh healthy vegetables, Hugelkulter Plus has all the information you need to get started.


Listen while you go – Hugelkulter 11 AudiobookOpens in a new tab.


Best Selling author of several no-dig gardening books, James has over 40 years of gardening knowledge and experience to share with like-minded gardening enthusiasts.

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